Joseph Edward Rozzo

image001-1Born in New York in 1947, he studied photojournalism, television, then contemporary photography. After his degree in the United States, he moved to Italy where he has been working and teaching for more than forty years. He has directed national museum programs along with university programs, has worked for the major italian corporations as image-consultant and is now intensely involved with the production of films and video for commercial and entertainment industries.

He has been an outspoken contributor to many international meetings and in 2008 officially moderated the international conference Communicating the Museum in Venice. He was guest speaker, as well, in 2009 at the Netherlands National Museum Conference in Middelburg, Holland.

In 2011, with his son Giacomo, he founded Rozzo Plus (, a communications agency specialized in company and brand identity and in 2012 he founded The Bronx Tale, a film production company specialized in story-telling for businesses, associations and artists.

He lives with his two children and wife in Milan, Italy.